About Us

Rogers Elevator Aerial View

Rogers Elevator is owned and operated by Ted Rogers. It has been in the Rogers family since 1870, except for a short period of time from the mid 1930's to the mid 1940's. The original building was built in 1870 by Ted's great-grandfather. The elevator has changed over the years to what it is today; a retail store for agricultural and residential supplies. Following are a few of our products and services: animal feeds, grass seed and hydro-seeding mulch, farm, lawn and garden fertilizers, both bagged and bulk, water softener salt, soil testing, pond chemicals, deer plot/wildlife plot seed, landscape supplies, pet foods, field seeds, field and lawn chemicals, garden seeds and supplies, bird seed, de-icing products, twine, and ball field supplies. Stop in and see us, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.